Coalition Against Violence and Abuse

About the Group

The Coalition Against Violence and Abuse (CAVA) is convened by Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre and concerns itself with developing a creative, collaborative and political response against domestic and family violence, sexual assault and all forms of violence and abuse against children.

Membership of CAVA is open to all agencies and community members, who are concerned about the issue. To make our community safer, participation is open to all supportive people – men and women.


CAVA’s main business is about violence against women and children.  CAVA’s key goal of the Blue Mountains CAVA is to challenge and change the culture and attitudes towards women and children so that violence and abuse are not tolerated and women and children can feel safe in our community.


CAVA actively organises and promotes events in the Blue Mountains to raise awareness of domestic violence, sexual violence and child abuse. These activities include Reclaim the Night, Mayor White Ribbon Day events, International Human Rights Day Vigil, My Safe Space Children's Week art exhibition and various domestic violence fundraising gigs.


How often:  CAVA meets from 9.30 to 11.30am on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Where:  MCRN Meeting Room, Lawson.


For more information on CAVA please contact Cherie Brandon on 02 4782 5133 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.