The MCRN Meeting Room has been closed since early 2000 and will reopen once urgent repair work is completed.  All our previous regular users of the room will be notified once it is opened up again.  Apologies for any inconvenience

How to Hire the MCRN Meeting Room

About the room

The MCRN Meeting Room is located in the Old Shire Offices (Lawson Library building) on the corner of Loftus Street and San Jose Ave, Lawson.  Please see the Building Map to see where in the building the MCRN Meeting Room is located and the areas of the building that accessible to people using the MCRN Meeting Room.

The room can seat 18+ people, and contains tables, chairs, a white board, audio-visual equipment (by request), kitchenette facilities, free wifi and has access to a unisex/wheelchair toilet. 

The room is available for hire during the day and evenings, 7 days a week.

Full details about the General Conditions of Use for the MCRN Meeting Room including Access, Bookings and Enquiries, Fees and Charges, and Responsibilities of hirers and of MCRN are set out in the MCRN Meeting Room Hire Policy.

Who can hire the room?

Anyone can hire the MCRN Meeting Room but where there is a potential clash MCRN will give priority to MCRN management and staff, MCRN members, local community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

MCRN also reserves the right to deny access to the MCRN Meeting Room when there are justified concerns regarding philosophies, aims and objectives of the group/individual requesting a booking, if they are in conflict with MCRN organisational principles.

Can I see the room before booking?

It is best to inspect the MCRN Meeting Room prior to use(for an orientation ot the facilities, and to cover work, health and safety issues), however appointments are necessary. 

To request an appointment, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time, or in person or by calling 4759 3599 on Wednesday mornings between 9am and 12pm.

What is the cost?

Apart from a contribution towards catering costs or paying for materials supplied at cost -

Where participants pay a fee to attend the meeting/event:

  •  the full Standard Rate applies to all individuals and groups hiring the room,  including MCRN Members

Where participants do NOT pay a fee to attend the meeting/event:

  • there is no charge to MCRN Members and local unfunded community groups hiring the room

  • the discounted MCRN Rate applies to all other Not-for-Profit organisations

  • the Standard Rate applies to all other parties 

The Standard Rate and the MCRN Rate are based on a cost per hour and a fee cap per day.

A cancellation fee equal to the hire fee will be charged when bookings are cancelled within 48 hours of the hire date.

For full details of fees and charges see the MCRN Meeting Room Schedule of Fees which is attached to the MCRN Meeting Room Hire Policy

How is pubic liability covered?

Individuals and groups using the MCRN Meeting Room are required to indemnify MCRN against any and all claims arising from the hire of the room.  All meetings/events held in the MCRN Meeting Room need be covered by insurance for public liability/risk and any other matter relevant to the purpose for which the MCRN Meeting Room is booked to the value of at least $10,000,000. 

MCRN may agree to cover an event under its own Public Liability insurance policy where the purpose of the event is related to community development or a social justice activity and the hirer does not have their own public liability insurance and is not covered under the public liability insurance policy of another party, for example, under an auspicing arrangement with another organisation, or through a parent organisation or a government organisation.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking:

  1. Check the MCRN Meeting Calendar on this website to determine availability for your meeting/event date/s.
  2. Make sure you read and understand the MCRN Meeting Room Hire Policy.
  3. Complete the MCRN Meeting Room Booking form, which is available as an electronic form in Word or as a pdf document that can be printed out and written on.
  4. Return the booking form and, if required, a certificate of currency for you Public Liability Insurance, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All bookings will be confirmed by email and, if applicable, an invoice for the hire fee will be forwarded to you.

How do I access the building and the meeting room for my event/meeting?

The Old Shire Office building is open between 9am and 5pm Mondays to Fridays. Outside of these hours the building is locked and alarmed.

The MCRN Meeting Room is not locked so if your event/meeting starts and ends within these business hours, you can simply walk in and use the room for your booking period.  If there are no bookings immediately prior to your meeting you can arrive up to 15 minutes before the booking to set up if necessary.  However, if you have complex setting up requirements you may wish to include extra time in your booking to ensure the room is free beforehand.

If your meeting/event starts and/or ends outside these business hours, including on weekends, you will need to manage access arrangements that ensure the security of the building.  Please read the Meeting Room After Hours Instructions for more information.


If you have any enquiries about the MCRN Meeting Room please contact MCRN on 4759 3599 on any Wednesday morning between 9am and 12pm or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime.