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Photo of King Parrot courtesy of Jackie Delaney

Mission Statement

MCRN will lead and support a sustainable community sector in the Blue Mountains.  We will do this by: 

bulletpoint10x11sector and community capacity-building 

bulletpoint10x11bringing organisations together,  and

bulletpoint10x11resourcing, representing and advocating on behalf of the sector at all levels.

At MCRN, community is key to everything we do: we live and work in the Mountains; and we firmly believe in the capacity and strength of our residents. Ensuring that our community is an integral part of the conversation is central to retaining the unique character of the Blue Mountains; and to the sustainability, social capital and economic future of our community.

MCRN is a voice for our community, and for all those in the sector who are working with the challenges facing our residents; fighting for equity and social justice; and building social cohesion, capacity and inclusiveness.

Blue Mountains residents are telling us clearly that they highly value living in our unique settlements (27 villages and towns) along the 100km ‘ribbon development’ that is the Blue Mountains LGA. They value safety; they want a sense of belonging and are keen to connect with their neighbours; and they are concerned about building the best possible future for our children and young people. They value the amenity of living within a World Heritage National Park, and are keen to interact more with the natural environment.

Our community want us, the community sector, to do the best we can to ensure these aspirations are met.

Our community also appreciates that the Mountains’ environment poses risks of natural hazards (damaging winds, snow, hail and fire). The Blue Mountains is the most bushfire-prone populated part of the planet; the best climate science predications are that extreme weather events will only become more frequent and more severe in coming years, as a consequence of climate change. Our community looks to us to lead the way in helping them build awareness and the capacity to be more prepared for such events, to help in their recovery following such an emergency, and to build resilience to bounce-back after an emergency or other life challenge.

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ABOUT US:      Our Vision     What We Do      MCRN Staff      MCRN Board      How to Join      MCRN News