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Creative Resilience - Facing the Future

Saturday, 27 May

creative resilience

Big Ideas Future Forum - Big Beet Katoomba

3 to 5 pm, Saturday 27 May

Blue Mountains Living Lab (BMLL) has partnered with Big Beet Katoomba (Juice & Espresso Bar) and Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 Youth Summit to host a monthly Big Ideas Futures Forum.

Join us on Saturday 27 May to explore how our community of the Blue Mountains can work together to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future

  • Coming from the Future – Barbara Lepani, Blue Mountains Living Lab
  • The Youth Voice – Delilah Scott, Youth Summit, Radio Blue Mountains 89.1
  • Living sustainably – Rosa del Ponte, Earth Recovery Australia
  • Leveraging connections – Kris Newton, Mountains Community Resource Network

Blue Mountains Living Lab operates as a virtual community of innovative Member Projects and Innovation Champion organisations to honour and encourage entrepreneurial innovation across all sectors of the Blue Mountains community (business, social, environmental, cultural, educational and wellbeing) to meet the challenges and opportunities of how we live, learn, work and play.

Over the next 10 to 20 years our society will be significantly challenged and transformed by the continuing digital transformation of society and the economy, with predicted major impacts on employment opportunities and social equality. With climate change and population impacts we equally face challenges about sustainability in landcare, transport and energy.

These in turn have a major impact on our political conversations around the right policy responses at the local, State and Federal levels of government, and the continuing importance of initiatives in the community and business sectors.

To understand the issues and know what we can do at the local level means we have to understand the issues, and work together.

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ABOUT US:      Our Vision     What We Do      MCRN Staff      MCRN Board      How to Join      MCRN News